timothy rosenberg

professional listener, musician, and educator

Timothy Rosenberg

Timothy Rosenberg is a musician and educator based in Orlando.

Tim is the Course Director of the Critical Listening for Music Professionals course at Full Sail University. He teaches the students in the Music Business Program how to listen to music and the language necessary to communicate about it effectively. He has also been Assistant Professor of Saxophone at Ithaca College and taught at Michigan State University.

Tim wrote an article for The Saxophone Journal in May of 2010 about teaching with transcriptions. He also wrote a lengthy dissertation entitled Interpreting the Music of William Albright: A Surrealist Approach in which he compares Albright’s music for saxophone to the literature, art, and music of the Surrealists.

Tim also does some other things, including a podcast on the SoundNotion Network called Music is Hard, a blog called How to Listen, and an art-blog dedicated to surrealism called One Surrealist a Day.

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