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This article was originally posted on June 15, 2011 on the now extinct How to Listen blog. It is preserved here in its entirety. Sadly, the original link to the piece's recording is dead. But, you came here to watch my washing machine anyway. Weirdo.

MIX is a work created at RECYCLART in Brussels as a part of impactsessions.1 It is “scored” for eight washing machines and lasts two hours and forty six minutes.

As the composers say, it is recommended that you listen in front of your own washing machine.

Contrary to what you might think, it’s not a joke. I found it very interesting and somewhat relaxing. That might be because my washing machine is front loading and the gentile revolution of my soapy clothes is mesmerizing.

Listen to it here or on their site (dead), which includes photos of the multi-channel playback setup.

If you won’t listen to it in front of your washing machine because you feel like a weirdo, you can listen to it in front of my washing machine.2



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The Rosenberg Family Automated Clothes Washer

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  1. h/t to On An Overgrown Path  ↩

  2. I’ve got bandwidth to burn; let’s do this.  ↩